How to lose a man in 6 easy steps and why some women need to chill

Here’s a topic many of us have approached, consciously or not, during our lifetime. We women find that in general we are a ray of sunshine and love, thus, whatever mood swings find their way in our brain are to be forgiven…because yes. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but they’re not.

So without further ado, let me drop some knowledge from my fellow man-friends that were kind enough to speak from experience.

  1. Ignore him. While this might seem sexy in the beginning, before actually being in a relationship, you cannot do this for an indeterminate period of time just because you feel like it. Listen just like you would want to be listened to because, after all, human beings are not so different in this respect. And yes, men are sensitive; despite what you’ve learned, despite what you’ve been told, despite what you think you see on the outside. Sensitive enough to be afraid to show you how much it bothers them to be ignored and thus, indifference is the mask you see in order to not allow you to see deeper.
  2. Belittle him in front of others. Oh that’s a strong one. Nothing and I mean NOTHING represents a better reason to be left speaking by yourself. If you do this, you’re a bitch, period. All of us have an ego, you don’t have to try to stroke it, but you don’t have to step all over it just to prove a point. Treat people the same way you would like to be treated and, on with the cliché, be kind. To everyone and most of all, to you chosen one. Think of it like this: when you belittle him, you belittle yourself because no one is forcing you to be in a relationship with him. The respect you show him is the respect you deserve.
  3. Not taking care of yourself. This should not even be said in the year 2017 when advanced technology and engineering allows us to have current water supply and the cosmetic industry develops something for every part of your body, from the tip of your hair to the tip of your toes.
  4. Be rude to his parents. I don’t care if he is the one being rude to his own parents, that doesn’t entitle you to do it. He can do it; he’s known them his entire life.
  5. Pick his brain to oblivion. Because that’s what we do best and we need to stop doing it like we’re about to win an Olympic medal for it…
  6. Be a stalker. A little curiousness can actually be flattering. When it becomes pathological is the moment when he’ll run…

So ladies, looking objectively at your past actions, what did you do to make a man run away as fast as he could?

Your Lady Pizzazz



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